Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Solaire Anywhere Blowing out from Wind

My brother has a Solaire Anywhere, which he loves. He uses it on his boat on Lake Michigan, but occaisionally has the burner cut out, most likely from wind. Any solution?

Infrared grills do not have the vaporizer plates or other flame-spreading devices to protect the burner from the elements. While this is a disadvantage against wind, it is an advantage for grilling, as the high direct heat gives unmatched grilling performance.

Other than reorienting the grill with regard to the wind, I have no other solution. Since IR grills grill so fast, you need to keep an eye on the food closely, and the potential for blowing out by wind is another reason to be vigilant.

Sorry I do not have a magic silver bullet solution, but try as we want, we can't cure every issue.

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J*S said...

Hi Ret,

Would it be possible to put a thin steel cover plate over the vent opening to restrict the wind from blowing the flame out??? Would it harm the grill????