Monday, February 11, 2008

Rotisserie Burner Adjustment

QUESTION: How do I lower the heat on the back burner? (Rotisserie burner)

ANSWER: The rear rotisserie burner is supposed to be either ON or OFF. You can reduce the gas flow by adjusting the knob to a location between ON and OFF. Be careful that the burner does not extinguish from lack of gas.

If the direct IR energy is too much, than you can turn it off at a certain point and, using the BBQ Tray accessory filled with water (to prevent warping and to add moisture to the food), you can use the indirect method of heat. Placing the BBQ tray over one of the burners (and under the meat on the rod) converts its IR energy to convected heat.

In any rotisserie cooking, be sure to cook long enough to achieve the recommended internal temperature, as determined by an instant read thermometer. Recommended temperatures for various meats may be found at

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Retrofit Solaire Infrared Burner to Another Manufacturer's Grill?

QUESTION: I have a natural gas grill to which I would like to retrofit an infrared burner. I saw a blog about doing this using a Solaire burner and the installer implied he had spoken to someone at Solaire who had offered to help spot weld brackets to help fit the burner. My questions then, is this true? Can you use one of the Solaire burners (i.e. Part IR17A) as a upgrade for an older natural gas grill?

ANSWER: No, this is not true. We do not facilitate the retrofit of our burners to other manufacturers' grills, as there is more to making a good infrared grill than merely placing an IR burner in it. Our Solaire Grills have been designed from the ground up with the many relationships of heat and space that are required to optimize the infrared heat. You can't necessarily do that by replacing a conventional burner with our IR burner.

We recommend using our Solaire Anywhere Portable Infrared Grill alongside your conventional grill. Sear on the Anywhere, then transfer to the lower heat of your conventional grill to finish it off. This will actually increase your effective grilling area while greatly increasing the taste and succulence of your food.

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