Monday, November 13, 2006

Solaire Anywhere Igniter Issues at Altitude?

QUESTION: My Solaire Anywhere worked fine until I moved from Louisiana to Denver. Does the higher altitude have an effect?

ANSWER: Not at 5000 feet. We have successfully used the Solaire Anywhere at over 10,000 feet. Please try the following actions:

1) Shake out any debris that is left inside the burner from use.

2) Inspect the burner port holes to make sure they are all clear. Open any clogged ones with a small twist drill or wire.

3) Observe the spark to ensure it is between the electrodes, and if not, make adjustments as needed.

4) Ensure the battery in the igniter is fresh.

5) Allow a bit more time from when you turn on the gas to when you push the igniter, so as to allow the burner to be filled with gas.


Eric said...

Does anyone know where I can buy a replacement igniter that has failed on my Solaire Anywhere?

Albert said...

I have the same question. any help is appreciated.