Monday, February 11, 2008

Rotisserie Burner Adjustment

QUESTION: How do I lower the heat on the back burner? (Rotisserie burner)

ANSWER: The rear rotisserie burner is supposed to be either ON or OFF. You can reduce the gas flow by adjusting the knob to a location between ON and OFF. Be careful that the burner does not extinguish from lack of gas.

If the direct IR energy is too much, than you can turn it off at a certain point and, using the BBQ Tray accessory filled with water (to prevent warping and to add moisture to the food), you can use the indirect method of heat. Placing the BBQ tray over one of the burners (and under the meat on the rod) converts its IR energy to convected heat.

In any rotisserie cooking, be sure to cook long enough to achieve the recommended internal temperature, as determined by an instant read thermometer. Recommended temperatures for various meats may be found at

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Leisa said...

Rett: I'm a one week owner of a Solaire infrared grill (27" XL). First, the supplier, BBQguys were terrific. Excellent customer service. The freight company, R&L services, was exceptional. Very customer centric.

I bought THIS grill because I liked the ability to switch to conventional cooking. I purchased one invection element. I thought that made you, the manufacturer, customer centric as well.

The grill came fully assembled--I was up and running within 15 minutes. As I removed the knobs from the bag, I showed them to my husband saying, "Look at the quality of these knobs" (I know that sounds a bit weird, but the quality was that good.) In fact, every aspect of the grill shows quality machining and craftsmanship.

I would consider myself an expert cook. I cook 3x a week all year round on the grill. We had a Phoenix grill previously (poor thing rotted!). I was looking for a grill that had minimum flare up, and it seemed that infra red would live up to the billing of minimizing flare ups.

Fatty meats (chicken thighs and hamburgers) do flare--and rather dramatically--but it is short lived) Do not lean over this grill while cooking!

So far, I've cooked chicken thighs, hamburgers and steaks. Each came out with a beautiful outer sear and exceptionally moist and tender meat on the inside. My husband has said each time: "This is the best. . . chicken, hamburger, steak. . I've ever had." (And he's had plenty of great things to eat!) I also carmelized some onions and grilled peppers in addition to roasting some red potatoes--all beautifully rendered.

Lots of words to say: I LOVE THIS GRILL.

Our satisfaction with this quality product is immense. Thank you for providing a quality product.

(P. S. I'm just an ordinary consumer compelled to write--I've no affiliation with the mftr, the distributor or any one else).