Friday, September 12, 2008

Cleaning the Grilling Grates

The grilling grates of all Solaire Grills should be placed in the “V” configuration. The V-shape grilling grates are an integral part of the infrared grilling system. Unlike other types of grilling grates, such as round rods, the Solaire V-shape cooking grates help to control flare ups as well as contribute to the flavor of the food.

We recommend brushing the grilling grates with a stiff bristle brush after the three minute warm-up (stainless steel or brass is preferred. Carbon steel brushes can leave deposits on the grate and overall grill that will turn into surface rust) before placing the food on the grill. After removing the food, during the five minute (minimum) burn off, we also recommend brushing the grilling grates clean.

You may clean the grates in your dishwasher on the Pots/Pans cycle.

You may also clean the grilling grates with Easy-Off oven cleaner. Allow the cleaner to sit for 15-20 minutes then hose them off with the garden hose. You may do the same thing for the grill itself, after you remove the burners (which you do not want to get wet).

The grilling grates will never be as nice looking as when they were brand new and unused. The intense heat will bronze the stainless steel. But the Easy-Off treatment will bring them as close as possible to new. If there are deposits left on the grilling grates that are objectionable, you can use Soft Scrub mild abrasive cleaner, a cloth and a bit of elbow grease to remove them.


At Home on Marco said...

I received my Solaire 56 Inch Infravection Gas Grill On Cart LP ($6,035) in late 2006 or early 2007. I am a fanatic about heating up the grill grates and then using a bristle brush to clean off the carbonized remmants of any food from previous use. I just today ordered 2 new "wide" grill grates from you (they sit over the infrared burners, and the narrow grate sits over a conventional burner). I am replacing them because a significant portion of the bottom of many of the "V grooves" have developed HOLES. Am I doing something wrong, or is there something I should do a different way, or are the grates just a victim of use, and I should expect to replace them every 4 years?
I'd appreciate your answer. Thanks, Peter Foster

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