Tuesday, May 04, 2010

New Solaire Logo

After 10 successful years with the Solaire line of infrared grills, Rett Rasmussen, Vice-President of Rasmussen Gas Logs and Grills, the manufacturer of the Solaire Line of Infrared Grills, decided that it was time for the company to develop and unveil a new logo. “We wanted a logo that was representative of the actual products that we manufacture—the precision, the heft, the quality, the value, etc. The old logo was merely stylized font that really had no connection with the grill, its construction, or its performance,” he states.

He goes on to explain, “The new logo is a precise combination of many different elements. Within the logo is an ancient symbol for heat oven, as well as a schematic symbol for infrared. It has elements of the sun design, and colors that represent radiant heat. The arrows are indicative of how Solaire’s infrared heats the food directly, which keeps the food succulent and moist. The arrows also exemplify that the infrared burner system is the heart of our grills--it’s the basis of our grilling systems. The logo is balanced and precise which represents the performance of our grills. It sits down into the letters of Solaire to signify the heft and quality of the actual products. Our products are not cheaply made. They’re built for quality and longevity.”

When asked, “Did you really put that much thought and effort in the development of the design for this new logo?” Mr. Rasmussen emphatically states, “Absolutely. The process of how and why we came up with the new logo is representative of how innovative and thorough our company is. And it was quite a natural process for us, because it’s the same process that we go through in the design, development, and engineering of all of the products that we make.”

He goes on to give credit to the true source of their company’s innovation—the customer. “When a consumer calls our company, real people answer our phones and experienced personnel talk to the callers…and we really listen to what they are saying. And based on their input, we look for ways to innovate and improve our product. We are truly a customer-centric manufacturer, and that’s why consumers love our products.”

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Grill With Infrared said...

It's a great logo folks; clean, warm, cheery and comfortable come to mind, not to mention it has a great color scheme. Also, it really brightens up the stainless steel on the grills.