Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Chris from Houston, TX, shares:

"The Solaire Anywhere Grill that got to me just before Fathers Day, I must say, is heaven in a little silver box!  I cannot honestly remember the last time my wife has clapped after every bite of food that she ate after having steak for the first time on the Anywhere grill.  Well done on this product, we love it!"


sldanehy said...

I bought one of these high end grills and had a problem in less than 30 days. The propane cylinder would not unscrew properly after the tank ran empty. Obviously it was still under a parts warranty, but when I called customer service (Ray, the national sales manager) and he would not stand behind their product. Told me it was my tough luck and I had to buy another exchanger for $50 more. Terrible customer service. Don't buy from a company like this!

dtydirect said...

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